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We have a range of sector specialist teams with expert knowledge of each of the below sectors. Therefore, we do not doubt that you will have full confidence in our specialist teams to understand the needs of your business.

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Owner Managed Businesses

We work extensively with owner-managed businesses, providing straightforward and effective advice.


Our dedicated Infrastructure team have an expert understanding of renewable energy assets, including solar wind, anaerobic digestion and compressed natural gas.

Media & Entertainment

Our specialist Media team have a deep understanding of the Media & Entertainment sector, and have worked with some of the UK’s most successful companies.

FLB is an independent accountancy firm, driven by technology with a client-focused service.


We manage accounting requirements for over £750m of EIS and SEIS investments. We work with EIS investors and companies looking to utilise EIS and SEIS structures.



We work with a range of technology companies from start-ups to established listed tech businesses.

Professional Services

We provide support to professional lawyers, accountants and financial advisors.

Real Estate / Property

We work across the real estate sector including with investors, property managers, landlords and construction firms.


Private Equity / Venture Capital

Our specialist team is managing finance and accounting services for over £1bn worth of investments with some of the UK’s leading Private Equity and Venture Capital investors.