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Our expert Audit Team are authorised by the ICAEW to provide independent statutory audits. Our team will provide you with the detailed insights to help you better understand your business while ensuring it meets the required regulatory obligations.

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Annual Audit

  • We balance the compliance requirements of an audit with helping you meet your requirements
  • An independent audit may be a statutory requirement for your business or can provide investors with confidence in your financial statements
  • Our Audit Team are independent of our core teams, to ensure segregation of the audit work

At FLB, we try to ensure Audits are straightforward and hassle-free

Our Process

We make sure the audit process is as straightforward as possible, and independently review and understand your business.
We will work with you to build a plan to enhance your current business controls and identify opportunities for growth.

The main reasons why you will be required by law to have a statutory audit are:

  • The size of your business is over the audit threshold (turnover, total assets and number of employees)
  • Your company is part of a larger group
  • You are required by your professional or trade organisation to have your financial records audited